Summer & Winter Lake Trout & Winter Pike

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Steve moved to Ely in 2003, and has spent most of his boat and ice time since then learning Burntside and Birch lakes, logging hundreds of hours on each over the course of each year.

Summer Lake Trout
Fish from a comfortable boat with downriggers and excellent tackle on beautiful Burntside Lake, where boat traffic is at a minimum, lake trout numbers are high and the scenery is top notch. Steve’s personal best in open water was 21.5 lbs, though fish commonly run 2-8 lbs. All tackle / equipment provided. Just bring yourself, the right clothing and licenses (a Minnesota trout stamp is required as well as a standard fishing license). And whatever you’d like to eat or drink.

Rates: $250/half day, $350/full day for two anglers.
For three anglers, add $50.


Winter Lake Trout
Take part in the adventure of rugged Canadian Shield winter lake trout fishing on Burntside Lake. Whether you’ve never seen the lightning fast approach of a laker on your electronics and felt the slam of the strike, or whether you are a veteran winter laker taker, Burntside offers excellent numbers and solid sizes. Average lakers run from 2-8 lbs, with fish into the teens common. On occasion, the 20-lb mark is broken.

Rates: $350/full day for one angler (no half-day winter rates),
with $50 added for each additional angler. Limit 4 anglers.

Winter Pike

Both Birch Lake near Babbitt and Burntside Lake are home to many pike over 20 lbs. The Birch Lake pike fishery in particular has responded rapidly to a slot limit imposed several years ago. Days with 30 tip-up flags for two anglers are common, with some eater-sized pike but many within the protected 24-36 inch slot. There are strong numbers of pike over 30 inches generally landed on any given day, and Steve’s best day included 6 pike at or over 36 inches. Tackle includes tip-ups and baitcasting rigs, with deadbait such as smelt and cisco. Steve has found that deadbait outfishes live bait for Birch pike 4-1. Pike fishing is best for the first month of the winter, then slackens off somewhat, so anglers are encouraged to book throughout December and early January. Steve’s attention also turns from pike to lakers when the laker season opens Jan. 15. All tackle and bait is provided if anglers do not have their own.

Rates: Same as winter laker guiding rates.

Transportation: If truck travel is not safe (we often drive vehicles on the ice almost all of the winter laker season), a 2-up snowmobile is available, driven by Steve, for one angler. A second angler can ride on top of one of the flipover shelters. Anglers are encouraged to bring their own snowmobiles or ATVs, depending on ice conditions, and their own electronics if any are desired. Steve provides all fishing rods, reels, lures and tip-ups, as well as bait, if anglers don’t have their own gear.